•	Adaptively reuses underutilized building within existing city infrastructure: discourages sprawl; promotes pedestrian culture.
•	Project developed within ½ mile of commuter rail, within ¼ mile of bus routes: promotes use of public transportation.
•	Interior bicycle storage provided for all units: promotes alternative forms of transportation.
•	Restored formerly impervious asphalt alley and tar & gravel roof with landscaped green space and a vegetated “green roof”: reduces ambient air temperature; reduces and filters storm water runoff; beautifies & harmonizes site with adjacent park.
•	Landscaped to provide shade to at least 30% of green space within 5 years: utilizes passive cooling techniques, reduces energy consumption.
•	Plumbing fixtures designed to use 30% less water than conventional fixtures.
•	Cooling systems specified to utilize only non-CFC based refrigerants.
•	By doubling code required R-values of the insulation, installing double paned Argon filled windows and doors, utilizing furnaces with high 14 SEER ratings, units are designed to reduce energy consumption by a minimum of 20%.
•	Utilized salvaged, refurbished or reused materials for building materials: antique heart pine floors salvaged from Georgia textile mill.
•	Utilized rapidly renewable building materials and products (made from plants that are typically harvested within a 10 year or shorter cycle) for building materials: custom designed and constructed bamboo kitchen cabinetry, natural cork flooring.
•	Implemented an Indoor Air Quality Plan that seals ductwork throughout construction; specifies the use of low VOC glues, sealants, engineered lumber, cabinetry, carpeting and paints; bans smoking in common areas of the building; specifies permanent entry grates, etc.
•	Designed interior living spaces to maximize natural light and maintain a direct line of sight to the outside from all interior spaces.
•	Specified the use of “Energy Star” energy and water saving appliances for all units.
cromley lofts green features
The following is a partial list of the Green Building concepts, materials and techniques designed and built into the Cromley Lofts Condominium:
cromley lofts
green roof plants
Green Building is shorthand for environmentally friendly development  & construction. The concepts, materials and techniques of green building seek to make buildings healthier and less dependent and taxing on the environment.
Green Building consists of two major components:
1) Sustainability: Buildings which are designed and built to use less of the earth’s natural resources (by making them more energy efficient) and to have less of a negative impact on the environment (by polluting less and co-existing better with the sites they occupy).

2) Health and Quality of Life: Buildings which are designed and built using the healthiest, least toxic building materials and techniques available, and building which are designed to maximize quality of life issues such as natural light and indoor air quality.
LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certification is a rigorous third party testing and verification process created by the United States Green Building Council in  2000 to promote and advance the cause of Green Building.
To learn more about environmentally friendly “green” building practices and LEED® certification visit www.usgbc.org
 cromley lofts bamboo cabinetry
 cromley lofts baths:
recycled glass tiles
dual flush toilets